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EMDR Regional Meeting

  • May 02, 2014
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Park Marina Center For Wellbeing, 353 Park Marina Circle

EMDR Regional Meeting

Superior Northern CA EMDRIA Regional Network presents…

Six Tips From Science: Informing the EMDR Treatment of Very Early Trauma & Neglect (DVD)

2013 EMDRIA Conference Recording with Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D.

Approved for 1.5 EMDRIA Credits

Attendees must have completed an EMDRIA Approved Basic Training in order to receive EMDRIA Credits (continuing education in EMDR).

DVD Description:

Developments in neurobiology of attachment and affect (Lanius, Paulsen & Corrigan, 2014) are foundational to clinical advances in repairing early trauma and neglect. Innovations in the EMDR field (O’Shea & Paulsen, 2007; Paulsen & O’Shea, in press) for repairing trauma and neglect in infancy are built on this foundation of neurobiological developments. These include: subcortical affective circuits, gestational learning, the amygdale and other basal ganglia as the locus for object relations affect processing, polyvagal theory of resources and social engagement, the right hemisphere locus of somatic, implicit and relational memory, mirror neurons and clinical intuition, and more.

If special accommodations are required, please contact (insert name, phone & email here)

DaLene will not be there but has arranged for Mary Bogle to run the meeting. I hope you enjoy it, I sure did. See you next month June 6th same time and same place. 

For questions, call: 245-9221

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